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About Us

We aim at making your travel experience full of fun so that you remember it for long!

Trahot.in is a website that helps you discover various destinations worth visiting along with family and friends. The variety of the destinations is such that you would be spoilt for choice! You may find the most suitable one as per your preference. We also help you plan your holidays in a manner so that you enjoy them to the hilt without any kind of hazzles!

At Trahot, even the entire process of discovering the new destination would leave you in awe of the charming destination, besides enjoying the vacation itself. Consequently, you would find yourself breaking the monotony of opting for the same holiday destinations that you have been visiting for many years.

Thus, Trahot presents you with a beautiful world of travel to various attractive spots. Besides, the Interactive Map(s) Interfaces and the quick and efficiently working filters provided by us, you would discover it for yourself that you would be planning your vacations as it had never been before!

Our clients are always our top most priority! Thus, we aim at making your travel experience enjoyable and highly memorable! Whenever a client comes to us, we always do our best to make his experience simply perfect!

Your suggestions are always appreciated and welcomed by us. We sincerely believe in providing highly qualitative services to our clients. And the positive feedback(s) is the great motivating factor that helps us perform even better!

Our team can be found always at work 24×7 to transform your vacations into memorable experiences. Besides, you would always find our services highly economical for we believe in providing the best to our clients rather than earning profits. No wonder, our clients recommend us to all they come across looking forward to a holiday destination. Our business draws all its strength from the satisfaction of the clients.

Why Trahot?

There would be ONE Travel Expert all through your tour
Most of the travel agencies assign various tasks to be looked after during your tour to various individuals.  It only serves to make the tour a cumbersome activity for the client almost diminishing all the pleasure the vacation would have offered otherwise. But, at Trahot, there would be only One Travel Expert right from the time you contact us till the moment you safely reach back home.

You may drop in anytime

Most of the Travel Agencies, nowadays work online and/or from abroad. However, we do have the regular in-house staff working as the routine office schedule and would be glad if you plan a visit or simply drop in as you find convenient.

We focus on quality

The services provided by us are highly qualitative and insist on:

  • Prompt & Pleasant customer service
  • Best hotels
  • Visitor Attractions
  • Entertainment, etc.

And, it’s really worth noting that visiting the places that are not usually specified in the guidebooks helps you get a broad idea about the local people and their traditions that you might not have come across otherwise.

Personal services

We have a team that is friendly, apart from being affable. The team members have an in depth knowledge of various destinations that are worth visiting. Besides, you will be provided with a personal service to take care of your entire vacation from the very beginning till you reach back home.

Reputation & Experience, apart from Accuracy

We are sincerely dedicated to provide our clients with flawless services. Needless to say, they often recommend us to others. And we have been working hard to keep up, nay enhance our reputation.

We pride on our staff that is quite experienced. They have many years of expertise and thus offer you excellent services with great accuracy.