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Places to Visit in Delhi at Night

Places to Visit in Delhi at Night

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‘Dil Walo Ki Dilli’ is often known as the city that never sleeps. The capital city of India welcomes its tourists with breathtaking attractions and a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional architecture. The city has several unexploited streets and some highly-popular and overcrowded markets that are worth a visit. Specially, if you have arrived from some cosmopolitan city, you should know the places to visit in Delhi at night.

Delhi nightlife is all about nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shopping markets, and interesting tourist places. Whether you a stroller or explorer, you will never run out of places to visit in Delhi at night. The real adventure begins when people have gone to sleep and the Delhi streets look dazzling at midnight hours.

Delhi satisfies all kinds of travelers with unique locations and hidden chilling places. There are amazing places to go in Delhi at night for photographers, history buffs, strollers, adventure junkies, peace-seekers, and spiritual tourists. From vibrant shopping centers such as Chandni Chowk and Khan Market to historical monuments including Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, and India Gate; Delhi has a lot to offer to its tourists. In this post, we’ve brought all the adventurous and fun places that make Delhi a paradise for nightlife-lovers. With a plethora of places to explore, it gets quite overwhelming for tourists and even locals to find that ultimate spot to hang out with your buddies and have the best and most memorable nightlife. Fret not! Check out the following Delhi points of interest and enjoy your stay in this metropolitan town.

1. Mocha Art House

Delhi points of interest - Mocha Art House

Spend your night watching cricket and live actions at Mocha Art House. Situated at DLF, Promenade, Vasant Kunj, Mocha Art house is a perfect location for cricket lovers who love to watch the exciting cricket tournaments live on the big screen.

Don’t forget to bring your friends and some delicious home-made snacks. It is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family at night. It feels lovely to sit under the open sky and sip delicious, hot coffee while chilling with buddies and watching the nail-biting cricket match. The site is also famous for its wonderful ambiance and a great variety of delicious North Indian cuisines.

Whether it is a casual day or you are celebrating your best friend’s birthday, a night out at Mocha Art House is all you need to relax, chill and have some fun time.

Things to Do:

  • Watch live cricket tournaments on a big screen
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays
  • Throw a party to your colleagues
  • Savor some delicious cuisines.

2. Bangla Sahib

Delhi points of interest - Bangla Sahib

Every time you walk into the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, you are filled with positivity, hope, joy, and enthusiasm. The vibe and overall ambiance in this sacred palace are incredible. It might seem a bit weird to spend a night at Gurudwara, but who cares about time? As long as you feel positive and happy, you can visit any place you want. Located near Connaught Place, on Hanuman Road, Bangla Sahib is famous for the Sikh pilgrimage, a strong history, and spirituality. The Gurudwara is devoted to Guru Harkishan Sahib, the 8th leader of Sikhs.

The best part about the Gurudwara is that it signifies kindness and unconditional love. No matter what your religion is, you are always going to find peace at this holy site. Usually, Gurudwara is crowded with lots of locals and foreign tourists in the daytime. If you want to explore the sight to its fullest, schedule a visit to Bangla Sahib at night i.e. around 2 AM to 6 AM. This is among one of the top places to visit in Delhi at night.

Things to Do:

  • Enter the Gurudwara and get Prasad.
  • Be the part of the spiritual players that are conducted every day and night
  • Savor delicious Langar that includes Kheer, veggies, curry, dal, chapatti, and vegetables.
  • Explore the auspicious and sacred river Sarovar
  • Pay a visit to Baba Baghel Singh Museum Art & Gallery to get an insight into Sikh’s culture and common art forms

3. India Gate – Pay Tribute to the Warriors

Delhi points of interest - India Gate

This historical site in the capital city needs no introduction. Located on the Rajpath road, India Gate is a war memorial that’s constructed to pay honor to the Indian warriors who sacrificed their lives to protect their mother country. It honors the efforts and struggles of the young warriors, who fought with courage and pride. The gate signifies the British Architecture since it was constructed during the colonial period. It features the names of almost all the soldiers who died during World War 1 in 1971.

India Gate is a majestic monument that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a must-visit place in Delhi. India Gate is illuminated at night and among best place in new delhi at night. Take a walk on the Rajpath Road at midnight hours and click some mesmerizing photos of this enchanting war memorial.

You don’t need to pack foods and beverages since there are lots of old-house yet extremely delicious Dhabas and street stalls. Once you are done exploring the India Gate, head to the Pandara Road. Here, you will find plenty of food stalls and cafes serving cheat meals such as Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Chaat, Papdi, etc. The palace stays open to visitors until 3 AM at night.

Things to Do:

  • Bring some fresh flowers and spread them over the memorial stone. Nothing feels better than paying a tribute to the brave soldiers who gave up their lives to protect us.
  • Take a stroll on the Rajpath Road at night and observe the scenic landscape surrounding the India Gate. The lush greenery and fresh-planted trees on both sides of the monument provide tourists with a breathtaking view.
  • Taste some spicy flavors at street stalls and have Indian style food at the Dhabas near India Gate. Some common restaurants and local eateries near this tourist location are Galati Restaurant, Karachi Halwa House, Krishna Di Kulfi, and Khana Khelana.

4. Murthal – The Paratha Capital

best places to visit in Delhi - Murthal

Murthal happens to be the favorite hang-out location for Delhiites. It is known for the delicious Parathas that draw the attention of tourists from nearby cities and rustic towns. Often known as the Paratha capital of India, Murthal is definitely counted in the best places to visit in Delhi.

Initially, the palace was constructed to serve truck drivers with delicious cuisines. It didn’t take the place long to be recognized as one of the most delicious districts in the city.

Murthal is home to 50 exclusive Dhabas that are famous for serving special and unique Parathas. There isn’t a better time than midnight hours to visit Murthal. With a plethora of Dhabas inviting you for a wonderful treat, it gets quite overwhelming for people to pick the best one. From Sukhdev Dhaba to Vaishnov hotel, the options are countless.

Things to Do:

  • Enjoy a long drive with your loved ones on the highway and make a stop at your favorite Dhaba to savor flavorful, Indian-style, and fresh Parathas served with spicy Chutneys.
  • Have a cup of tea to satisfy your hunger pangs and spend the rest of the night exploring the district and highway.
  • Order North India, Italian, Mexican, street food, and Indian cuisine.

5. Agrasen Ki Baoli – Let’s Have Some Adventure

best places to visit in Delhi - Agrasen Ki Baoli

We usually consider parasailing, trekking, hiking, campaign, and boating when it comes to adventure and fun activities. Fortunately, adventure is not limited to normal fun activities.

Do you want to experience real adventure? How about a night at the historical monument associated with creepy stories and bizarre atmosphere? If you are a Delhiite, chances are you have already guessed which place we are talking about. Agrasen Ki Baoli is an ancient monument featuring 103 steps that lead you to the water reservoir.

The steps look extremely beautiful. Constructed with red sandstone, the entire structure represents the centuries-old architecture. The Baoli was constructed in the 14th century in the capital city by the ruler of that era ‘Agrasen’. In addition to being one of the most popular tourist places in Delhi, Agrasen Ki Baoli is also counted in the haunted areas. The ambiance is quite calm. As soon as you start to take the steps down the monument, you will hear strange noises. Some tourists even said that they sensed the presence of some creepy creature following them, especially when they got close to the reservoir. Every time they turned back, they found no one. If you move faster, you will hear the uncanny sound of your footsteps.

Overall, it is a perfect example of a ghostly and adventurous trip. A walk around the monument is not a cakewalk. Filled with mystery and strange stories, a trip to Agrasen Ki Baoli at midnight hours is a must for adventure junkies who are always up for something unique and exciting.

Things to Do:

  • Located in proximity to Agrasen Ki Baoli is the Janpath Market, a popular shopping street in Delhi. The streets are crowded at all hours. No matter what time you visit the Janpath Market, you will find the streets filled with local people trying to bargain for some street items. You could purchase exceptional clothes, accessories, bags, handicrafts, jewelry, shoes, and other daily-use stuff.
  • Explore the exceptional and ancient architecture of the Baoli. Remember to bring a camera to capture the splendid shots of the monument.
  • Have a wonderful experience walking on the red sandstone steps that lead to a huge water reservoir.

6. Late Night Shows at DT Star Cinemas, Saket

best places to visit in Delhi at night - DT Star Cinemas

People often limit their nightlife in Delhi to food, parties, bars, and dance. While all these activities help you get interesting and breathtaking experiences in the capital city, you should not miss out on the late-night shows and movies. This is lesser recognized but among best places to visit in Delhi at night.

We all love Bollywood and some action, thriller, romantic, comedy, drama, fantasy, and horror movies. What could be a better way to spend a fun night than heading to the nearest theatre? DT Star Cinemas happens to be one of the most popular and crowded theatres in the capital city. Located in Saket, the theatre is open to visitors at midnight hours.

Are you planning a romantic date night with your loved one? Or, do you plan on watching some fun and comedy movies with your friends? Well, DT Star Cinemas can be your ultimate hang-out place in Delhi. Book your favorite movie tickets and have fun watching exciting movies with your friends.

If you feel like trying some adventure at night in Delhi, book a horror movie ticket. Watch it alone in the theatres. To make it even more interesting, watch 3D horror films at night. Other popular cinema halls in Delhi are Movie Time in Pitampura, Satyam Cineplex, and DT City Centre on MG Road.

Things to Do:

  • Bring home-made snacks or buy popcorns and pastries from the nearby shops and enjoy a wonderful movie time.
  • Visit the nearby tourist locations including Ambedkar Auditorium, JNU Open Air Theatre, Balaji Mandir, and Sultan Gharis’ tomb.

7. Sanjay Van – A Night Safari

best places to visit in Delhi at night - Sanjay Van – A Night Safari

Situated close to Mehrauli and Vasant Kunj, Sanjay Van is a dense forest that offers exceptional night safari experience to Delhiites. Covering over 783 acres, Sanjay Van is a densely wooded place that makes a perfect location for trekkers and adventure junkies.

You could ask the tourism agencies in Delhi to organize your night safari trip in the jungle. Most tourists plan a trip at night to explore every nook and corner of the jungle with torchlight. You will also get to hear the sound of insects and migratory birds during the midnight hours.

Spend the night exploring Sanjay Van forest and get a wonderful opportunity to know about some uncanny and mysterious tales of the jungle. The safari starts at 7 PM and goes on until late at night. The palace is also famous for the stores of a woman hanging on the trees, dressed in a white saree. If you want some adventure and weird experiences, set out on a trip to Sanjay Van and have the best and memorable experience in the capital city.

Things to Do:

  • Capture a wide variety of avifauna species in the woods and listen to the enchanting sound of the insects and birds flying around the forest. The most common bird species you will spot here are Indian Silverbill, Asian Koel, White-throated kingfisher, rufous treepie, purple sunbird, and crested honey buzzard.
  • Perform cycling at Sanjay Van
  • Get an escape from the crowded city’s atmosphere and explore nature in Sanjay Van
  • Observe the rich wildlife in the forest. Sanjay Van is home to the engendered and common animal species including Jackals, snacks, and more.

8. Red Fort – Places to visit in Delhi at night with family

historical places in Delhi - Red Fort

Lal Quila or Red Fort stands at a height of 33 meters. This majestic structure is a perfect reminiscent of the Mughal architecture. The Quila receives tourists in large numbers throughout the year. In fact, the red fort is one of the must-visit historical places in Delhi. Red fort isn’t the local Delhi monument or an ancient tourist location with a wonderful landscape. But, this UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the masterpiece of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Usually, tourists schedule a visit to the Quila in the daylight to get captivating shots of the entire monument, the entrance gates, and the nearby locations.

After sunset, the red fort becomes even more interesting and wonderful places to go in Delhi at night. Every day, except for the national holidays and Mondays, there is a light and sound show conducted on the premises at night. The show tells tourists about the construction of Red Fort and a fascinating history associated with the monument. Not only is it an educational show, but the light and sound program organized here is counted in one of the best night shows in India. Thus, among best places to visit in Delhi at night with family. The program starts at 9 PM and ends at 10 PM for Indian tourists.

The whole monument was built using the pure red sandstone, which has given quite a reddish tint to the structure. The Quila is home to quite a few exciting museums, breathtaking gardens, and the wonderful combination of Mughal and Persian Style architecture. The government of India unfolds the national flag of the country at red Fort every Independence day.

Things to Do:

  • Capture the intricate design of the monument with wonderful finishing and outstanding pavilions.
  • Take a stroll around the gardens on the premises.
  • Have a look at the rooms, bath area, and sleeping places of the Mughals and Royal people who resided in the monument during Mughal Reign.
  • Visit the local shopping markets near the monument and buy some souvenirs.
  • Pick the best local eatery or a café and savor delicious North Indian food.

9. Delhi Cantonment

aces to visit in Delhi at night - Delhi Cantonment

Imagine you are passing through the old and calm Delhi streets. You notice a woman dressed up in a white saree asking you for a lift. You are so terrified that you accelerate the speed of your vehicle and drive as fast as possible. All of a sudden, you spot the same figure running abreast of your vehicle. It might sound like a horror movie and quite weird to people, especially those who don’t believe in supernatural powers. No one knows whether or not the ghost exists in this dark and calm street. But, the eerie ambiance and creepy tales associated with Delhi Cantonment will leave you speechless.

Do you want to experience a thrilling and adventurous experience that will make your heart beat faster? Delhi Cantonment is one of the haunted places in the capital city that definitely gives Goosebumps to travelers. Often known as ghost walk, a stroll around the area during the midnight hours is all you need to turn your casual night into a terrifying yet exciting experience. This area is among haunted places to visit in Delhi at night.

Many people passing by the cantonment area said that they spotted a lady dressed in all white walking through the streets. According to Delhiites, the figure signifies a lady who got murdered while hitching. There is no guarantee if you will come across such a ghostly figure or not. But, the trip to this haunted place will give you quite a bit of experience.

Things to Do:

  • Explore Delhi Cantonment Road with an instructor
  • Read all the interesting and terrifying tales about the cantonment area and the White Saree ghost.

10. Privee – Shangri La Club

best places to visit in Delhi at night - Privee – Shangri La Club

Our list of the best places to visit in Delhi at night is incomplete without the mention of night clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants. The local pubs in Delhi welcome visitors during the night hours. They are great for spending an energetic, fun, interesting, and memorable night in the capital city. Fortunately, Delhi has some of the best night clubs for party animals. If you are a party-lover, head to Privee Shangri La (the best night club in the city) and have an enjoyable experience.

Release all your tensions and anxiety with a wonderful and memorable night at the Privee Club in Delhi. Located at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, the club stays open to visitors from 10 PM to 4 PM. The vibrant ambiance, loud music, and delicious snacks, Privee Club is a perfect place to hang out with your dear ones in Delhi. Whether you are throwing a party or celebrating your best friend’s bachelorette, there is no better place to spend the night than Privee Club.

The club receives a large crowd. Moreover, tourists are served exquisite cuisines and delicious snacks that are way too tasty to be missed. Dance away the stress at Privee and have fun and interesting memories of the best nightlife in Delhi. The entrance fee for two members in the club is approx 5,000 INR. Fee makes your outing a bit costlier but among important places to visit in Delhi at night.

Things to Do:

  • Savor the delicious food and desserts served in the Club
  • Meet people from different walks of life and make new friends
  • Party hard and have some fun time dancing in the club with your buddies

These were some exciting ways to spend your night in Delhi. You could also try some popular hill stations near Delhi on weekends or book resorts near Delhi to unwind. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy an interesting and fun night in the city.

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