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Places to visit in Goa, Dona Paula

Places to Visit in Goa

Places to Visit in Goa

Places to visit in Goa, Dona Paula

Places to visit in Goa are many. Goa is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Cashew plantations, sun-kissed beaches, centuries-old churches, fish curry, exceptional markets, ancient monuments, and spice farms make Goa the fun capital of India. Goa tourist places helps visitors enjoy a vibrant nightlife of Goa.  By dancing, free your stress and anxiety away at Club Cubana and wake up to a tranquil and breathtaking view of the sunrise on a Goa beach.

Fortunately, historical or monumental places to visit in Goa is not all! Goa happens to be a heaven for foodies. From five-star restaurants to street stalls serving the state’s specials, you will never run out of options for food in Goa.

So, are you planning to explore the hidden and unexploited gems in Goa tourist places? Whether you are going on a solo trip or planning to spend a peaceful and adventurous vacation with your loved ones, Goa will never disappoint you. While in Goa, the tourist must pay a visit to all its popular monuments and beaches. To help you select the best places to see in Goa, here we’ve compiled a list of the top north and south Goa beaches, landscapes, monuments, spiritual places, and other fun sites. Let’s check them out:

1. Aguada Fort – Explore the Portuguese Architecture

places to visit in Goa, Aguada Fort – Explore the Portuguese Architecture

One of the best places to visit in Goa is Aguada Fort. Located on fort Aguada road, Candolim is a wonderful specimen of Portuguese architecture. Constructed in the 17th century, the fort has stood up to the ravages of time. Sitting on the Sinquerim beach, the Aguada fort is only 18 kilometers drive from Panjim.

The construction of the fort was finished in 1612. Initially, it was built to serve as the guard against Marathas and Dutch. Tourists must definitely pay a visit to the Aguada fort and capture the splendid view of the convergence of the Arabian Sea and Mandovi River.

The fort gets its name from the Portuguese word Agua, meaning water. In fact, it had been used as a major source of water for all the sailors during that era. Being one of the largest reservoirs in India, the Aguada Fort and the freshwater reservoir can hold up to 2,376,000 gallons of freshwater.  It is counted among one of the best Goa tourist places. In addition to being a Portuguese architecture, Aguada fort served as a jail in ancient times. You could also spot a big statue right in front of the jail, paying tribute to the freedom fighters of the country.

Things to Do

  • Pay tribute to the freedom fighters of Goa
  • Explore the wonderful architecture of the jail and lighthouse
  • Discover the intricate details and amazing finishing of this Portuguese fort.

2. Baga Beach

Goa tourist places, Baga Beach

Other favorite places to visit in Goa is Baga Beach. Your trip to Goa is incomplete without a visit to the Baga Beach. The golden, shining sand and crystal-clear water make Baga beach a must-visit tourist attraction in the state. It feels wonderful to spot the wonderful white waves hitting the sand and wiping out all your feet’s marks. With plenty of water sports and adventurous activities options available, Baga Beach is counted in the tourist’s favorite Goa places.

The specialty of the beach is the delicious cafes that serve you with Goa-special delicacies, snacks, and meals. Listen to the soothing music and enjoy delicious meals while being in the lap of nature. Baga beach is situated in proximity to the Calangute Beach. A visit to Baga beach is a must for tourists who intend to explore the nightlife of Goa with amazing food and the best music. Located close to the Baga beach are some of the Goa’s popular street markets and designer shops, where you could grab some interesting souvenirs. Being recognized as one of the biggest and most-visited tourist beaches in the North Goa, Baga Beach allows tourists to participate in a wide range of water sports. Whether you are a party-animal or peace lover, Baga Beach can be your ultimate destination. Grab a recliner and read a book while listening to the melodious sound of the waves rushing to the sand. Alternatively, get to the beach in the morning and try Yoga in a peaceful atmosphere.

Things To Do

  • Start your day with delicious and healthy breakfast served at Infantaria.
  • Spend a relaxing and calm evening on the beach
  • Be part of the night party that starts in the evening and goes on until late at night.
  • Head to a tattoo shop and experiment with different tattoo designs
  • Indulge in beach sports such as parasailing, sun-basking, and banana boat rides.

3. Anjuna Beach – A Fun and Musical Night

Places to visit in Goa, Anjuna Beach – A Fun and Musical Night

Anjuna Beach is also known as the freak capital of India. One of the best beaches in Goa is Anjuna Beach, is famous for rocking music and a full-moon party. The beach gives you a positive and happy vibe. An ultimate destination for all the party animals out there, Anjuna Beach is counted in one of the famous Goa tourist places in North Goa. Located at a distance of 21 kilometers from Panaji, the beach has a lot of activities and sightseeing places for all kinds of travelers.

The palace served as the popular hangout destination for hippies in the 60s. Surprisingly, it still gives the same happy, fun, and adventurous vibe. Immerse yourself into the music and vibrant atmosphere of Anjuna Beach. Swimming isn’t advisable here since most part of the beach is covered with rocky shores.

The beach has amazing options for foodies. You could head to the Baba Au Rhum to savor delicious home-made meals. If you are craving fast-food, visit the Burger Factory and try their unique and flavorful burger.

Things to Do

  • Savor the scrumptious dishes in the daytime at Burger Factory and Basilico
  • Participate in water sports such as Bungee Jumping from an elevated tower
  • Indulge in paragliding and windsurfing
  • Listen to the rock music and dance your night away
  • Taste burgers, home-made Goa special meals, and delicacies at Burger Factory and Basilico.

4. Bom Jesus Basilica – The Oldest Cathedral in India

Goa tourist places, Bom Jesus Basilica – The Oldest Cathedral in India

Bom Jesus Basilica is one of the popular Goa tourist places, which is especially known for its exceptional baroque architecture. The construction of the church was completed in 1594, however, it earned the status of a holy Christian place in 1605. The church holds a historical significance since it signifies the foundation of Christianity in our country.

A 10 kilometers drive from Panjim will take you to Old Goa, where the Bom Jesus Basilica is located. You can find the remnants of St. Francis Xavier, who played a vital role in finding Jesuits. It has been over 400 years since the church was constructed. The surprising part is that the remains of St. Xavier are still present and are as good as they were during the construction. This world heritage site translates to ‘Holy Jesus’. The front wall of the cathedral features triangular roofing. On the inside, the church has marble flooring that is made of precious stones. Above everything, you will spot the holy sign of the Christians. The cathedral is open to visitors every day from 9 AM to 6:30 PM.

Things to Do

  • Discover the Italian Paintings that are put on display at the Modern art gallery in Bom Jesus Basilica. The church houses this art gallery, which exhibits plenty of beautiful-carved Italian paintings that were made in the 1970s.
  • Discover the history of Bom Jesus Basilica.
  • Capture the magnificent architecture of the centuries-old church and the picturesque surroundings.

5. Club Cubana

places to visit in Goa, Club Cubana

Club Cubana is one of the popular places to visit in North Goa for tourists who plan on exploring the vibrant nightlife in Goa. The club happens to be the only party locations in Goa, which allows tourists and locals to have a fun, party night almost every day. You are going to find some of the coolest DJ’s who play rock, jazz, and even soothing music.

You should add Club Cubana in your list of places to visit in Goa. A night spent at Club Cubana in Goa is going to be one of the most memorable and exciting nights for party-animals. As soon as you step into the club, you will find a house-party atmosphere and amazing DJs. You will also come across people from different walks of life in the club. Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa, Club Cubana welcomes tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a visit to Goa for fun, adventure, and a perfect nightlife, then a visit to Club Cubana should be on the top of your travel bucket list. Tourists love Club Cubana for wonderful pools, trending music beats, and the exciting crowd that makes the atmosphere quite chirpy. The club has been in Goa for over a decade now. It receives quite a decent crowd. Head to Cubana and let the party animal inside you come alive here.

Things to Do

  • Plan a visit to the Club Cubana with a bunch of your female besties or spend the night with your better half.
  • Sample delicious snacks served in the club
  • Pay a visit to the nearest tourist attractions such as Aguada Fort, Dudhsagar Falls, and Cabe De Rama Fort.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa

Goa tourist places, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls is among best Goa tourist places. Situated on the Mandovi River, Dudhsagar Waterfalls offer wonderful sightseeing experience to the Goa tourists. Being one of the tallest waterfalls in Goa and India, it provides the tourists with a golden opportunity to watch the crystal-clear water cascading down from an altitude of approx 1,017 feet above the sea level.

The trekking route to the Dudhsagar Falls is not open to tourists. But, if you are a trekking enthusiast, you could take the Kulem trekking route and reach the Waterfalls by following the jeep track. Arriving at the Falls can turn out a super challenging experience, but the ultimate view is worth all your efforts.

You could also be a part of the trekking and camping tours that are organized frequently here. Alternatively, you can try a self-organized trek. The picturesque views and lush greenery surrounding the waterfalls are worth capturing. The view of the milky water falling down the hill looks spectacular. Whether you choose a jeep trail or a train route to reach here, the Dudhsagar Falls and the vegetation around it will leave you speechless. The melodious sound of the water hitting the rocks, pleasant and cold breezes, and a serene environment make Dudhsagar Falls an ultimate destination for nature lovers and peace seekers.

Things to Do

  • Follow the trekking route that begins from Kuveshi Village. It will give you a wonderful chance to pass through thick forests and undulating slopes. Make sure that you bring some food and water as there are no food stalls and eateries on the way to the Falls.
  • Pay a visit to Tambdi Surla Temple and Devil’s Canyon.
  • Explore the plantations and crop patterns at Dudhsagar Plantations and Farms.

7. Dona Paula

Goa tourist places, Dona Paula

Located close to the capital city Panaji, Dona Paula is famous for its strong history and the pristine beach. A seven kilometers drive from Panaji will take you to Dona Paula, a place known for eternal love and tragic stories. On top of the rock, you will spot the magnificent statues of a man and a lady, which are associated with a mysterious tale of Dona Paula – who committed suicide because of her unfulfilled love.

The beach receives lots of tourists throughout the year. It offers a splendid view of the Arabian sea. According to the locals, the spirit of Dona Paula roams around the beach to search her lover every night. People also believe that a figure emerges here at night every day. You could practice lots of water sports here or visit some of the beautiful attractions located close to Dona Paula. Tourists looking for an exciting and fun-filled experience in Goa must pay a visit to this secluded and mysterious beach.

Things to Do

  • Know about the history of Dona Paula and why she committed suicide from the locals here.
  • Indulge in a wonderful sightseeing experience in the nearby locations including Reis Magos Cathedral,  Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and National Oceanography Institute.
  • Sample delicious meals at the nearby restaurants such as Soft Rock Café, The Black Sheep Bistro, and Peep Kitchen.
  • Practice windsurfing, harpoon fishing, parasailing, sports fishing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, yachting, water-skiing, and Ski-bob.

Casino Cruise

Goa tourist places, Casino Cruise

There’s no better way to explore the charm of Goa than capturing the scenic views and pristine waters through a cruise. The casino cruise experience is a must for gambling enthusiasts, who love to play casino slots, table games, and live dealer games. Other than the casino cruises, you could board the regular evening cruise.

Most of these cruises start from Miramar Beach (best beaches in Goa) in Panjim and take you through some of the major attractions in Goa. Evening hours are the best time to have the Goa cruise experience, as you will get to spot the incredible sunset view.

Some cruises also allow dinner options with lots of fun and entertainment. If your sole purpose of boarding the boat is to get a pleasant sightseeing experience around the state, then consider the morning cruises. Apart from the marvelous view outside the boat, the rooms inside the cruise are well-furnished and spacious. Though casinos on the cruise are open to visitors 24/7, the best time to play at a cruise casino is at night. You will find the local and international players trying their hands at some of the popular slot machines at night. Goa has the largest number of casinos in India. Casinos give a party vibe, but instead of rock music and dance, you will find plenty of games and delicious snacks here. Tourists can be on board for up to 12 hours. And, those who are lucky will come out of the cruise with some extra bucks. The ticket for a casino cruise can be a bit expensive. But, considering that you get free food, drinks, and entertainment, it is worth it.

Things to Do

  • Capture the photos of the breathtaking views as the cruise passes by the beautiful attractions and Goa famous places.
  • Learn about the Vegas Style entertainment and try your hands at some of the popular casino slots and live dealer games on the cruise.
  • Take your children to the playrooms, where they can have fun playing with other kids. Let them have some fun playing kid’s games while you enjoy gambling.

9. Anjuna Flea Market

places to visit in Goa, Anjuna Flea Market

If you are shopaholic, add Anjuna Flea Market in places to visit in Goa. You are really going to love the crowded yet amazing markets in Goa. Anjuna Flea Market is the best destination for shoppers, who are looking for souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, women’s and kid’s accessories, clothing, and footwear at the cheapest prices. It is organized every Wednesday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Most tourists in Goa link the name Anjuna with exotic nightlife and delicious food. But, the place has a lot more to offer to its domestic and international tourists. The flea market is open to tourists from mid-November to April. Established in the eighties, the market was filled with Hippies from different countries who used to sell the levis jeans and other accessories.

Today, it has grown to become one of the famous flea markets in Goa. From Kashmiri Jewelry to South India spices, the Anjuna Flea market surprises the tourists with a wonderful collection of a wide variety of local and international goods. You could grab some daily-wear clothes and accessories at the best price here. Once you are done shopping, check out the tea stalls and street food stalls to satisfy your hunger pangs. Other than the basic items, you could check out the collection of electronics and technology. The market offers second-hand bikes, cameras, smartphones, and electronic items.

Things to Do

  • Enjoy shopping at Anjuna Flea Market and grab some regular-use and souvenir items at the best price.
  • Get an opportunity to watch live music performances and shows, conducted in this market every now and then.
  • Savor the delicious sea-food including fresh shrimps, lobster tails, clams, king crab legs, sushi, tuna, salmon, and so on.

10. Butterfly Beach

best beaches in Goa, Butterfly Beach

Butterfly beach is a must-visit tourist attraction in Goa, especially for solitude lovers. Despite being one of the best beaches in Goa, Butterfly is the hidden gem. The small bay around thick woods makes this place a perfect honeymoon destination for the newlyweds. Situated in the Canacona region, Butterfly Beach remains quite secluded as the only transport option available to reach the palace is a ferry from Palolem Beach.

The place gets its name from the fact that a wonderful variety of trees in the dense forest around the beach gathers lots of butterflies. Here, you’ll find amazing species of butterflies wandering around the beach and creating a picturesque view for photographers and nature-lovers. The best season to visit the butterfly beach is spring i.e. when the flower blooms and you get to capture different and rare species of butterflies. In fact, the entire beach is built in the shape of a butterfly. Butterfly Beach is best beaches in Goa and a perfect place for nature lovers and peace seekers. Grab your picnic basket and lie on the beach while observing the surrounding areas. It makes a perfect vacation and honeymoon spot for tourists.

Things to Do

  • There’s no road transportation available to reach Butterfly Beach. However, it opens up several trekking opportunities for adventure junkies. You could either board boat from the surrounding beach or trek through the thick forest. Either way, the sight is worth your efforts.
  • Spend a pleasant day at the beach with your loved ones and enjoy being close to nature.
  • Capture the spectacular landscape, thick forests, butterflies, and the sunset view.
  • Stroll on the beach while listening to the pleasant sound of the white waves.


Goa tourist places will instill serenity in you. Being home to some of the popular beaches, ancient monuments, and spiritual places, Goa is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Places to visit in Goa are plenty and these places offer you lots of tourist attractions to explore. In addition to the popular beaches, Goa has several hidden and unexplored destinations. Go shopping at the flea markets, trek to the fall and beaches through forests, participate in Goa sightseeing tours, and enjoy a memorable trip in Goa.

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